Fiddle Tunes 2020 Online: June 26-July 3

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Centrum is pleased to announce an online gathering of Fiddle Tunes, Friday June 26 to Friday July 3, with workshops, concerts, jams, and dances, featuring faculty from the 2020 roster and previous years. Day and evening programs are planned for Saturday and Sunday, with evening concerts each of the eight nights. Get your Fiddle Tunes fix virtually and stay in touch until we can safely gather in person again.

Two afternoon workshops exploring Black contributions to American fiddle traditions will be highlighted on Saturday and Sunday, June 27th and 28th. All events will be free to attend, with a festival-wide tip jar to benefit organizations working for social justice on behalf of people of color.

As with a traditional in-person Fiddle Tunes, all participants are encouraged to celebrate our musical community in a creative and fun manner by adding wildcard workshops and parties to the schedule.

Details are coming soon and will be posted on the Fiddle Tunes Facebook page. Meanwhile, save the dates and start thinking of activities you’d like to host.

Hope you’re well,
Peter McCracken


You can help support Coviddle Tunes with a tip to our tip jar.  Proceeds benefit charities selected by the Fiddle Tunes community.  Full details are available on our special event website.

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