Happy Earth Week

Earth Day is being celebrated this year by a twitterpation of swallows competing for nest space in eaves, much nocturnal owl hooting and orderly flocks of geese honking their way North.  I wonder if this year’s migration will be affected by less air traffic.

Ever conscious of our environmental footprint, this year we had planned to introduce an additional position to our volunteer department – that of recycling assistants for McCurdy Pavillion events. It’s often a challenge to ensure that trash is separated adequately from recyclables and with a little friendly direction from volunteers posted by the recycle stations, we hope to leave the grounds of the Littlefield Green in as pristine a condition as found.  I can attest, from spending many hours at the volunteer table, that the sound projection from inside the McCurdy Pavillion is outstanding, so please consider this important “infotainment” role on the green dream team when signing up for your next summer Centrum event!


Virtual Nature Walks and Online Study Groups

Jefferson Land Trust is rolling out it’s new Nature In Your Neighborhood program, beginning on May 1st and continuing on each Friday and select Wednesdays through June.  This is a great opportunity for those of all ages to learn more about what’s growing and who’s living in your backyard and each week local experts will be leading talks and virtual walks from Finnriver’s online classroom.  Click on the image below for more info and to register for this event.

From Port Townsend to Patagonia

A Port Townsend couple returned from an adventure to the Southern Ocean earlier this Spring, just before the lock-down.  Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry and Ron Gentry, both artists, have been busy since their latest cruise documenting their travels and have kindly shared the results below.  Caryl is a talented and internationally renowned quilter and draws inspiration from her travels in her quilting and Rob, as you will see from the link below, is an exceptional photographer.  At times it’s hard to differentiate between their work as Caryl’s quilting is so fine, the end result looks like a photograph.  After looking at photos of their adventuring this week, I feel as if I have travelled the Seven Seas without so much as reaching for my passport.   Here is a link to their latest trips to South America and be prepared to settle in and cruise around their artistic website – a feast for the eyes!

New Music

I’ll leave you with the dulcet tones of Pharis and Jason Romero. Pharis is the artistic director for Voiceworks and we’ll miss seeing her and her delightful family who are regulars at Centrum during the summer.  They have a new album coming out on May 15th.  I was going to wait until (what would have been) Voiceworks week to post, but I couldn’t resist.  Here is a preview, Bet on Love, that seems timely…and there’ll be a whole lot more of the album to share by June.  Pre-orders available now!


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