You Can Make a Difference!

“You Can’t Be
What You Can’t See

This year-end, Centrum offers you something priceless; the opportunity to positively change two lives by supporting immersive arts education.

Young talent is impressionable. But what aspiring artists need most of all, is genuine encouragement and a sense of what excellence looks or sounds like.

“You can’t be what you can’t see” – in our case – refers to the incalculable impact of role models – Centrum’s teaching artists – who are introduced to youngsters at every program at Centrum. They are America (and in some cases, Mexico, Africa, or Canada). We call them what they truly are – “standard bearers” of vital artistic traditions.

Artistic excellence takes on many shapes and sizes – sometimes it is polished, other times it is raw, but in every case, it is instantly undeniable regardless of one’s age. You simply know it when you see it.

Your support supports our ability to recruit the best teaching artists representing countless artistic traditions – from Cape Breton fiddle playing to Young Adult literary fiction, African dance to Native American storytelling, and so much more.

Annually, Centrum brings more than 250 teaching artists from across the globe to Port Townsend to share skills, personal insights, and nurture future leaders. Our commitment to this work requires an annual promise of more than $650,000 in direct artist fees, travel, housing and meals.

Changing a young person’s life is clear. But what about the second life we mentioned? The second is your own. 

Join us in our distinct mission to affirm the world’s unique artistic traditions and play your part in helping us pass culture and tradition from one generation to the next.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 to support our teaching artists.  We ask you to vote “yes” for the power of transforming lives through the arts by making your pledge today.

Thank you for your devotion to and care of Centrum.  We are deeply grateful for your continuing encouragement and support!  You can elect to give monthly, or make a one-time gift today. All gifts help us make a difference!  Thank you.

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