June is Orca Month

Sunday, June 7: All About Orcas Orca
Saturday, June 13: Listening for Orcas
Sunday, June 21: All About Orcas
Saturday, June 27: Listening for Orcas

All About Orcas (NHE) 2:30 pm
Do orcas have family structures?  What do they eat, and how do they find food in the vast ocean?  Where do they travel throughout the year?  Dive into this topic and discover the differences between transients and residents, and how scientists can tell based on diet, social interaction, and even dialect. 

Listening for Orcas (ME) 2:30 pm
What do orcas sound like and how do their vocalizations travel underwater?  Is the ocean a loud environment?  Find out the answers to these questions and more in this Orca Month program.  Get a chance to learn about how scientists study orcas by listening to our active hydrophone research station and get more information on how you can listen for orcas from your home computer.

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