Painting on the Edge of the Continent

Visual artist  Kari Feuer was recently at Centrum for an artist residency.  Upon her return, she compiled her experience into a book called “Artist in Residence.

The book follows her journey through the residency, and features her notes, sketches, paintings and photos, illustrating the process of painting in a place far from home and producing a new body of work. It is an excellent description of the Centrum residency experience.

From “Artist in Residence:”

Why would an artist seek a residency?
You are stimulated by travel, a change of scenery, new people to interact with, and this is likely to nourish your art practice.

It gives you the space, physically and mentally, to start a new body of work, or experiment with new media or processes.

It’s a chance to dedicate time to your work without the day-to-dy distractions of routine chores and your day job, and could result in an improvement in your producitivity or work habits.

You might freshen up your perspective on your art – or your life:
Sometimes it’s good to step away from your usual routine and open yourself up to surprises.

Photo: “The Pull of the Moon” Acrylic on Tyvek 24″ x 48″

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