Performance Art Collaboratives

The Artist Residency Program at Centrum is pleased to offer a “Performance Art Residency Package”. It is designed to facilitate groups of artists collaborating on one or more new works. You will find the facilities ideally suited for an intense artist residency focused on your choreography or theater project. 

To qualify for this special artist residency package, a detailed proposal of the residency project and bios of each of the artists collaborating  must be supplied. Proposals for workshops, with a teacher/student aspect, do not qualify as collaborative residencies. 

This package is specially priced, and only available during the dates specified below. Other dates may be booked at slightly higher prices when available.

Because part of this package is booked through the State Parks office, we need as much notice as possible to get all of the pieces together for you. When it all works out just right, here’s what it looks like:

Small Groups
Lodging is in a fourplex apartment style building with 3 three bedroom apartments and 1 two bedroom apartment (total beds = 11). Each apartment has one bathroom, a kitchen, and a queen size bed in each bedroom. Two units are upstairs, two are downstairs, and a central stairway connects them all.
A separate studio space is included, with wooden floors and lots of natural light. There are no mirrors.

Midsize Groups
All of the above plus four cottages. These cottages are also equipped with one bathroom and full kitchen each. Each cottage can comfortably house two people in separate bedrooms… some cottages have a third bedroom… so this easily accommodates 20 people.

There is no deadline for applications and no application fee.
Applications must include:
-A project proposal.
-Bios/CVs of two or more of the major collaborators.
-The time slot you are applying for
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