Pharis and Jason Romero

Pharis and Jason Romero-From the Porch

Pharis and Jason Romero
From the Porch

From the Porch is a series of capsule concerts and interviews filmed on Centrums front porch. Featuring faculty, participants and students from the many workshops Centrum offers they are a tiny snapshot of Centrum at its best. 

Pharis has been singing and playing music her whole life. An early student of classical and country, she grew up performing with her family’s band and learning the songs and stories that made her want to dig deeper. These days she performs mostly with her husband Jason, and is equally at home disappearing into an old-time jam as she is singing on stage or teaching the joy of song and sound. She’s the Artistic Director for Voice Works, has won three Juno Awards for her recordings with Jason, and is a three-time Canadian Folk Music Awards Traditional Singer of the Year. After more than ten years of teaching at Centrum, she is honored to be the Artistic Director of Voice Works. 

To learn more about Voice Works, click the link below!

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