Photos from 2013 Jazz Port Townsend

Each year at Jazz Port Townsend, Centrum is honored to have an amazing photographer roaming the session spaces and rehearsal halls. His name is Jim Levitt, and even though he has a “day” job at Boeing, he graciously spends a week in Port Townsend each July to document the work of the workshop.

What sets Jim apart is his attention to detail. In addition to great composition and clarity – Jim takes the time to label and tag every photo with every participant and faculty. It may seem like a small thing, but with more than 1,600 photos from the week – it’s simply amazing. We thank Jim for his skill and diligence.

We’ve just uploaded photos from 2013 Jazz Port Townsend to the Centrum Flickr site (where you can find photos of all of our programs). Here’s a peek:

[fsg_gallery id=”15″]

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