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Youth Program Spotlight: Voices from the Field Arts Academy

Youth Program Spotlight: Voices from the Field Arts Academy

Voices from the Field Arts Academy June 20-June 24, 2023 Voices from the Field Arts Academy provides outstanding arts experiences for middle school in Washington State’s migrant education programs. OSPI believes that their experiences in meaningful arts classes will both inspire them to find their own strengths and creativity and be an avenue through which increased literacy

Remembering Bonnie Showers

  In March of this year Centrum lost our dear colleague, Bonnie Showers, to her battle with cancer. Bonnie joined Centrum in 2018 as the Program Manager for Creative Youth Development. During her time with Centrum, Bonnie left an over-sized impact on our organization, and we will always remember her fiery spirit, deep compassion and

‘DANCE This’ Connects Tomorrow’s Artists With Today’s

Starting August 11, 2019, DANCE This returns to Centrum to bring together young artists with professionals working in the field of dance today. A partnership with the Seattle Theater Group, DANCE This provides the opportunity for high school students to experience a wide range of dance styles and practice in a supportive yet challenging environment.

Voices from the Field Arts Academy

A collaboration with the Office of the Superintendent of Public Education’s (OSPI) Migrant Education Program, Arts Impact and seven school districts from across Washington State, Voices from the Field Arts Academy welcomes 78 middle school students and 20 classroom educators for a week of arts immersion in a range of disciplines. In its third year,

March 13-17: Native American Voices Arts Academy

For its second year in 2019, in partnership with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), Centrum, Arts Impact, Native elders and teaching artists will present the second in a three-year commitment to hands-on Native American arts and cultural education for students and teachers in Washington State’s Tribal Compact Schools. The 2019 Native American