Registration Now Open for the 2014 Port Townsend Writers’ Conference

Registration is now open for the 2014 Port Townsend Writers’ Conference, scheduled for July 10-20, 2014.  Whether you’re new to writing, and seeking an inspirational environment to create new work; looking for advanced post-MFA revision workshops; or simply desire to renew and recharge yourself in a writing retreat, the Port Townsend Writers’ Conference gives you the craft and connections to make breakthroughs in your work. The Conference is curated by Artistic Director Erin Belieu.

What’s New

In 2014, there will be both 10-day and 7-day workshops available. The workshops of Erin Belieu, Sam Ligon, Diane Roberts, and Kim Addonizio & Gary Copeland Lilley will all be 10-day courses, from July 10-20. All other workshops will be 7-day courses, and will run from July 13-20.

Kim Addonizio & Gary Copeland Lilley Teach Music and the Word (July 10-20)

We’re particularly excited to welcome two of the Conference’s favorite writers, Kim Addonizio and Gary Copeland Lilley, who will co-lead the “Music and the Word” workshop. Register

“We’re excited to share our love of blues and jazz, and of poems influenced by that music, with the Centrum community. In this class we’re going to listen to downhearted singers and joyful saxophones and demonic slide guitars. We’ll write new poems, and study the work of Langston Hughes, Muriel Rukeyser, Frank O’Hara, W.H. Auden, Wanda Coleman, William Matthews, Terrance Hayes, Sonia Sanchez, and more. We’ll talk about blues structure and jazz giants and creative process. Come prepared to open your ears to forms and rhythms and sounds, and to open your poetry to engagement with these rich musical traditions.  No musical experience is required, and all poets, at any level, are welcome. Expect inspiration! “

As always, the Port Townsend Writers’ Conference provides writers with a full-range of participation options, from free Readings & Lectures, to Residencies, as well as drop-in afternoon workshops and more. Visit our Conference page for complete details.

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