Residency Spotlight: theater simple

A note from the artistic instigator, Llysa Holland:

theater simple’s recent Centrum residency (January 2019) for THE MASTER & MARGARITA was a full-circle moment, as over 25 years ago, we learned about Centrum and its incredible raft of resources for the creative process, in all aspects on our first go-round with our adaptation (Which successfully then toured for 4 years).

We used THIS time to get to know this new ensemble better, to dive deeper into the novel, and have time to work with new ideas, point of views and who was doing dishes – the people-part that makes the artist so unique and the process more fulfilling.

We open April 5, and of the script-tasks we set ourselves at Fort Worden, during our Centrum residency – nearly all of them incorporated beautifully and are included in the new and improved iteration of a beloved adaption of a fervently admired novel. Having a gorgeous rehearsal hall to physically work out the ideas we have theoretically proposed in the cabins was priceless. We are better artists for it, and the show certainly grew in ways unavailable to us before that time.

theater simple will open The Master Margarita: A remix of Bulgakov on April 5th at Theatre off Jackson in Seattle, WA.

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