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The dedicated operational team that keeps this epic arts organization running year round. Filter by department to view staff; select profile for more information and contact details.

Elia Seely

Program Assistant: Chamber, Jazz, ChoroPrograms

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Mary Hilts

Program Manager, Red Hot Strings, Acoustic Blues / Development Manager360 385 3102
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Lisbeth White

Residency & Artist Projects Program Assistant
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Peter McCracken

Program Manager: Fiddle Tunes, Voice Works, Ukulele360 385 3102
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Chris Miller

Program Assistant: Fiddle Tunes, Voice Works, Ukulele
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Alyssa de Leon

Program Manager for Creative Youth Development360 385 3102
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Alana Dailey

Program Assistant – Blues, Red Hot Strings
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Gwen Franz

Interim Program Manager Chamber, Jazz360 385 3102
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Savannah Hensel

Program Assistant – Youth

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