Unleash Your Writing Potential at the PT Writer’s Conference 2023!

Dive Into a World of Words, Inspiration, and Literary Magic

Immerse yourself in a world of words, inspiration, and literary magic at Centrum’s annual PT Writer’s Conference in the charming Port Townsend, Washington. Since 1974, Centrum’s Writing Programs have nurtured aspiring master artists, fostering creativity, mentorship, and a thriving community. From July 16 to July 22, 2023, the Port Townsend Writer’s Conference invites you to a week of craft-centered workshops, lectures, and intensives, designed to celebrate diverse voices and the art of writing.

At the heart of the PT Writer’s Conference lies an exceptional lineup of accomplished faculty members. Led by PTWC Artistic Curator Gary Copeland Lilley and a team of award-winning instructors, the conference offers invaluable support for creating and revising new and existing work. Through morning intensives, afternoon workshops, craft lectures, and more, these remarkable individuals will guide and inspire you, sharing their passion for the written word.

Unlock Your Writing Potential with Morning Intensives

Kindle your creativity and challenge yourself with the morning intensives, available for in-person participants in poetry, fiction, or nonfiction. Over the course of five days, these two-and-a-half-hour workshops provide a platform for writers to refine their craft and explore new styles. Join Kim Addonizio, Tess Gallagher, Derrick Harriell, and Anastacia Reneé in the poetry intensives, where you’ll uncover the power of turning your blues into art that resonates.

Discover the incredible potential of nonfiction writing with intensives like “Writing From Your Life” with Shawn Vestal, “An Intimate Cartography” with CMarie Fuhrman, and EJ Colen’s “You Are Everything Connected.” These workshops will help you harness the strength of true stories and engage readers with your narratives. Fiction enthusiasts can delve into storytelling with Kristen Millares Young, Ravi Howard, and Sam Ligon, exploring visionary text, flash fiction, and the art of narrative.

Ignite Your Writing Passion with Afternoon Workshops & Lectures

Dive deeper into your chosen genre with our immersive afternoon workshops, open to in-person and online participants. These nurturing sessions allow you to explore new techniques, collaborate with fellow writers, and receive valuable feedback. Engage in craft lectures on literary writing, recorded for your convenience and available for up to one month after the conference.

Unmake the Poetic with Quenton Baker or learn when a poem truly begins with Alice Derry. Explore music, identity, and poetry alongside Rena Priest. If nonfiction captivates you, Sebastian Matthews will guide you through visual arts and cinematic techniques in writing, while Melissa Febos invites you to embrace the power of the erotic in her workshop “MindF*ck.” Sasha LaPointe will help you find strength and resilience in your stories. For fiction lovers, Arna Bontemps Hemenway presents an adventure through the opening lines of a story, and Anna Quinn delves into cultivating an uninhibited authorial voice.

Celebrate the Power of Words with Community

The PT Writer’s Conference thrives on its vibrant and supportive writing community. Connect with fellow writers, exchange ideas, and foster relationships that will continue to inspire your creativity long after the conference ends. Experience the transformative power of words as faculty members share their works through public readings. These readings are free, open to the public, and live streamed on the Centrum website.

While the conference promises an immersive writing experience, take time to explore the charm of Port Townsend. From the picturesque waterfront to the rich artistic heritage, this coastal town provides the perfect backdrop for introspection and rejuvenation. Stroll along its streets, browse local bookstores, and indulge in culinary delights that nourish both body and mind.

Join the Excitement at the PT Writer’s Conference 2023

Spaces at the PT Writers’ Conference 2023 are filling up fast, so reserve your spot today. Whether you choose to attend the Poetry, Fiction, or Nonfiction workshops, or a combination of all three, this conference promises to be a transformative experience that will ignite your passion for writing.

Visit our website at https://centrum.org/the-port-townsend-writers-conference/ for information on our conference schedule, programs, tuition fees, and more. We offer a range of fellowships and scholarships, including our Diversity Scholarships, aimed at supporting historically underrepresented groups. Unleash your writing potential, fuel your imagination, and connect with a community of passionate writers at the PT Writers’ Conference 2023. Let Centrum’s writing programs be your springboard to creativity and the fulfillment of your writing dreams!


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