Voice Works Welcomes Laurie Lewis & Kathy Kallick in 2016

Before Laurie Lewis and Kathy Kallick became the highly respected and successful singers, songwriters, and bluegrass bandleaders they are today, they were founding members of the groundbreaking northern California band the Good Ol’ Persons. Although Laurie remained in that group for only a short while before moving on to lead her own bands, she and Kathy forged a lifelong personal and professional friendship that endures to this day.

We’re thrilled to welcome the duo to Voice Works, June 28-July 3, 2016 for a glorious week of singing. 

They recorded a collaborative album, Together, in 1991, for Kaleidoscope Records, on which they performed their wonderful interpretation of the venerable “Little Annie,” learned from Vern & Ray. Laurie and Kathy wrote in the liner notes, “This album is respectfully dedicated to Vern Williams and Ray Park, early sources of inspiration for both of us.”

In 2015 they recorded a new album with music exclusively drawn from the repertoires of those early mentors, “Laurie & Kathy Sing the Songs of Vern & Ray” – the latest coming-together of this multi-talented twosome.

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