Who are The Cactus Blossoms?

Country music has a long-held appreciation for sibling bands, and it seems there’s no sweeter sound than two brothers harmonizing over a sad country tune. The Cactus Blossoms play country music the way the best always have: with an ear for universal truth in commonplace stories and for real emotion in simple melodies and beautiful harmonies. We are sure that Voice Works participants will revel in those harmonies and learn how to create that magic for themselves.

“The brother duet that America is waiting for” – Garrison Keillor

Brothers Jack Torrey and Page Burkum are not from the south; they’re native Minnesotans. They’re not from the rural route; they grew up in Minneapolis. They weren’t raised on country music; they listened to the Beatles and the radio and eventually stumbled on the great American folk tradition. But their hand-in-glove harmonies mimic some of the giants of early country, groups like the Louvin Brothers and the Delmore Brothers, and even later on the Everly Brothers. For Jack Torrey, the core of the Cactus Blossoms is the singing. “Your voice is the most expressive thing that you have, if you let it be.”

Want to learn a bit more about these country crooners? Chris Roberts of Minnesota Public Radio has an in-depth introduction that we recommend.

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