2013 Port Townsend Writers’ Conference Recap

What a year!

This July 7-21, about 250 writers came to Port Townsend for a week–and many came for two weeks–for intensive immersion in the craft of writing. Guided by such faculty as Erin Belieu, Dan Chaon, Sam Ligon, Patricia Henley, Ann Hood, Terrance Hayes, and others, writers took morning workshops, afternoon workshops, and attended craft lectures, freewrites, and open-mike readings.

The Conference is not a passive conference–this one is all about the depth of engagement, the depth of the community, and the real and long-lasting relationships that are built here each summer, fall, and spring.

Upcoming: the November 7-10 Autumn Writing Intensive for fiction writers and poets, led by Rebecca Brown and Ilya Kaminsky.


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