A Parent Chaperone Perspective on Explorations

“I wish all parents could see their children as I have seen mine growing every year at Explorations. I feel Kreea will look back years from now with great memories and value the Explorations experience. It is a true gift that Centrum gives these lucky kids. They learn so much in one short week.”

–Ahmad Baabahar, Centrum Explorations parent and chaperone

Centrum’s middle school Explorations workshop has the power to transform the lives of young artists. Groups of students spend a week immersed in a variety of different arts disciplines. Parents and chaperones are an integral part of the experience, and we recently talked with Ahmad – a recent chaperone (and parent of a participant) – about his experience at Explorations:

What changes did you see in your daughter as she went through and came out of Explorations?

My daughter, Kreea’s, self-confidence was greatly improved from her experience at Explorations. Among the changes I notice in her were her ability to make friends quickly and to give her all when trying something for the first time.

What new things was Kreea exposed to through Explorations? Anything that especially inspired her?

Kreea really enjoyed the Dance even though it was hard for her. It really took her out of her comfort zone, which was good for her.

How do you feel about students missing school to be a part of the program? Do you think it is worth it?

I feel Explorations is something that should be mandatory for all 6th-9th graders because the public school system is and has been stripping down all arts programs in schools over the years.

The students today have a load to carry with all the academics piled on them. We as parents should want our children to have a wide scope of experiences. Arts and music is a common language around the world, it helps us to relate and understand all cultures.

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