Check Out The 2018 Fiddle Tunes Tutors

At the 2018 Fiddle Tunes Workshop, each faculty member will teach four morning classes, lead an afternoon band lab, play for an evening dance, and play in one in-house performance and one public performance. Classes and band labs are open to all. In a band lab, you’ll be a part of a group learning to play in that faculty member’s style. You’ll learn what makes that style sound like it does – slurs, slides, bowing, ornaments, tempo, etc. Each band lab will play for a dance late in the week, and play in the band lab concert on Saturday morning.

Tutorials, held each afternoon, are designed to address the needs of beginning and beginning/intermediate players who wish more individualized instruction on their instrument. The tutorials are generally small, allowing for personal attention. They focus on technique and sometimes on style. Tutors, in addition to leading tutorials, will also give one morning workshop, and host some jam sessions during the week.

Tutors are the secret sauce of the Workshop – these are world-class musicians who in other years might serve as faculty – but as tutors they work with you on a more individual basis, helping you get even more out of the Fiddle Tunes experience.

Check out our 2018 Tutors – and register for the Workshop while space is available!

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