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Crackin’ the Vault Ep. 44: Remembering John Dee Holeman, and John Hartford

Crackin’ the Vault
An exploration of the Centrum archives

Crackin’ the Vault, a new radio show on KPTZ 91.9FM Port Townsend, features musical nuggets from the last five decades of Centrum programming, including Country Blues, Fiddle Tunes, Voice Works, Slide and Steel, and one-time shows from the 90s. More than 55 National Heritage Fellows have participated in Centrum programming, and we’ll be broadcasting some of their finest performances. Hosted by Peter McCracken

Episode 44: Remembering John Dee Holeman, and John Hartford

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Remembering John Dee Holeman
who passed last week at the age of 92

Never before heard cuts from John Dee at a house party in 1991

… and a John Hartford retrospective from 1999

This is a special day, the 10th birthday of KPTZ, and coincidentally the birthday of Larry Stein. Hope you tune in.

Crackin’ the Vault will go on hiatus for the summer, this will be the last show for a while (though we will play a rerun next week). Thank you dear listeners, we hope you’ve enjoyed these shows. They’ll still be available on the Centrum podcast channel:



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