December Residency News and Reflections

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Dear friends,

It’s been a minute since we sent out an update – although it’s not for lack of activity over here! As we close out this year, I am grateful to reflect on the people, stories, and experiences we’ve been able to witness through residencies and podcasts these past months. We’ve published twelve On A.i.R. episodes with over 22 guests. We’ve hosted over 88 residents on campus. We gathered as artist cohorts with over fifteen artists at the beginning of the pandemic, and we continue to learn how to support each other. Please join me in perusing some of the voices and projects that we’ve had the honor of making space for…

Northwest Heritage Residencies – Weaving, Queering Ecologies, and Dancing in the Batteries

Our Northwest Heritage residencies have been re-worked and re-scheduled since the arrival of the pandemic, and we’ve used our podcast platform to share bits and pieces of the related projects and activities. You’ll continue to have opportunities to experience these into 2021, and here are just a few ways you can learn about what’s been happening:


NWH residents Kelly Sullivan and Dr. Susan Pavel discuss weaving, teaching, and friendship after their 2020 residencies. They swap stories about what they’ve been doing during the pandemic, touch on the ways that gifting and healing are interwoven in the work, and how they navigate traditional methods in contemporary times. Listen Here


NWH resident Alice Gosti invites Bebe Miller to discuss the overlaps and personal frameworks that inform both of their unique choreography and movement practices. Conducted ahead of her Centrum residency, Gosti provides a window into the way she approaches site specificity and collaboration – two key elements of the work that will unfold at Fort Worden. Listen Here.

**follow MALACARNE on Instagram to catch glimpses of their choreography experiments at Fort Worden**


NWH residents Cleo Woelfle-Erskine and July Hazard will release a series of interviews for On A.i.R. exploring Queer Ecologies. Operating at the intersection of poetics, art, theory, science, climate and social justice, you won’t want to miss the conversations they hold unpacking this emerging body of thought. Subscribe to On A.i.R. wherever you get your podcasts to make sure you catch it!


***Also look out for conversations with John Grade and more from Alice Gosti and Malacarne in the new year***

Listening into the studios of the Emerging Artist Residents

While we couldn’t hold an open studio for the artists of the 2020 Emerging Artist Residency in October, we did take advantage of having these six artists on campus and invited them to utilize our podcast studio and hold chats. You don’t want to miss out on what they each share…

Portrait of Russna Kaur, left, and Chase Keetley, right


Russna Kaur and Chase Keetley’s conversation explores each of their relationships to place, space, and home, navigating racialized expectations and contexts, and the values and ideologies that inform their practices and pursuits. Listen here. 



Michelle Hagewood chats with Dawn Stetzel about the evolution and processes within her work. Stetzel generously shares her thoughts on how the work deals with safety, edges, and elements of the ridiculous.  She talks through the way the works are performed and documented, and the nuanced ways in which she approaches thinking about place. Listen Here.





Gabi Dao and Vo Vo cover a wide breadth of topics that connect to their sound practices and interests in subjectivity and memory.  They discuss a myriad of ideas around digital representations and our current times. Listen Here.


Celebrating all of our 2020 Residents

As we close out 2020 (whew!), we invite you to take a look at the incredible roster of folks who spent time at Centrum.  A huge thank you to the communities, families, and organizations that made it possible for these artists to take precious time away from their busy lives to invest in their own creativity, to recharge, and to bring forth new ideas and projects that we might all benefit from as a society. Explore the residents here.

Thank you for all the ways you’ve supported and followed along with Centrum this year, and we’ll see you in 2021!


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