On A.I.R. Episode 11 – It’s Never Comfortable – Dawn Stetzel

Photography by Atelier Pictures

The second in our series of conversations with Centrum’s
 2020 Emerging Artists. In this installment Michelle Hagewood chats with Dawn Stetzel about the evolution and processes within her work. Stetzel generously shares her thoughts on how the work deals with safety, edges, and elements of the ridiculous.  She talks through the way the works are performed and documented, and the nuanced ways in which she approaches thinking about place.  

Dawn Stetzel is an artist living in the USA on the Long Beach Peninsula on the southern coast of Washington. Living in a place of tides and tsunamis where “land is not always land, sometimes it is water”, has informed her work regarding home and perceptions of safety. She has an MFA from the College of Visual and Performing Arts at The University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth and recently exhibited her performative sculpture at the Portland Biennial in Oregon. 




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