Easter Creature Feature!

Wildlife abounds and seems ever more amplified by the absence of the dull roar of traffic during these “stay-at-home” times.  This week I’ve noticed frogs, birds, bees (they’re back!) and coyotes busily going about Spring time.  They serve as a daily reminder of how grateful I am to be “locked-down” in a relatively rural setting.  Owls too are particularly vocal at night and the barred owlets pictured above are last year’s offsprings, starting out life chez Birman residence.
This season’s brood are eagerly awaited.

One community activity that is still able to go ahead while sticking to the social distancing guidelines, is the third annual BIOBLITZ – a project conducted by Port Townsend Marine Science Center.

On the weekend of May 9th and 10th, participants are invited to Fort Worden State Park to photograph any living thing (creatures and plants alinke) and upload their findings to the iNaturalist app. This event also allows those who are not venturing out to participate from their homes, by following progress online as results are uploaded.

Please see links below for more information

BIOBLITZ 2020: Social Distancing Friendly!

Speaking of busy spring time chores, I’m passing along my favorite Spring time staff pick:

These dogs know about organization – no sitting on the fence here!

Lastly, I’m including a link to one of the many heartfelt tributes to John Prine who we sadly lost this week.
This touching rendition of “Hello In There” sung by Brandi Carlile addresses social isolation observed by Prine during his career as a postman in the early 60’s, without knowing, when he wrote it, that it would become ironically topical again.


Thanks for listening and stay safe.

See you through the fence again soon!

Claire Africa
Volunteer Coordinator

If you have any comments or questions please don’t hesitate to email me at volunteer@centrum.org

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