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Earl White

Fiddle Tunes


with Mark Olitsky – banjo, Adrienne Davis – guitar, and Joseph DeJarnette – bass.

Fiddling Earl White has been a mainstay in the old-time, folk and dance community for more than 45 years.  An original and founding member of the famed Green Grass Cloggers, he is one of few Black Americans preserving and playing Appalachian old time string band music, which was an intricate part of Black communities and formed the foundation of American music of today.  Earl is well known for his extensive repertoire of tunes, and his heartfelt, compact, driving style.  He has played in numerous old time string bands, and he currently leads the Earl White String Band, featuring Mark Olitsky (banjo), Adrienne Davis (guitar), and Joseph DeJarnette (bass). They’ll join Earl at Fiddle Tunes this year. Besides being an ace rhythm player, Adrienne (Earl’s sweetheart) manages a serious organic sourdough bakery, raises free range chickens and boys, runs a sheep farm, and grows organic produce to use in their bakery products. Mark Olitsky has played clawhammer banjo for the last four decades and is a sought-after performer and teacher. He has collaborated on recording projects and performed at workshops, showcases and music camps across the country. He was selected to represent old-time banjo in the “First Voice” film showcasing Ohio roots musicians, and in 2012 he won the Cuyahoga County Seth Rosenberg prize for the performing arts. Mark has also been interviewed and reviewed in national publications such as The Old-Time Herald, Banjo Newsletter, and Bluegrass Unlimited. Joseph DeJarnette will help out as needed, as well as run sound for the evening dances.

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