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Osiris Ramsés Caballero León

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Veracruz, Mexico
with Canto a Mi Tierra: Bernabe Hernandez Orozco on quinta huapanguera guitar, and Fernando Hernandez Orozco on jarana huasteca.

Featuring Osíris Ramsés Caballero León – fiddle. Son Huasteco is a traditional Mexican musical style originating in the six states of Northeastern Mexico, typically performed by a trio of violin, jarana huasteca and quinta huapanguera. Originally from Poza Rica, Veracruz, Osiris is an outstanding exponent of Mexican traditional music from the Huasteca region. He has been a member of several legendary groups, including Los Cantores de Valles trio, Los Utrera, and the Guardians of the Huasteca. He learned to play the jarana at the age of 16, then he started on the violin at the huasteca music workshop in the culture house in Tamaulipas in the summer of 2001. In 2003 he gained a degree in Art Education, focusing his degree work on the research and recording of the Sones de Costumbre in the huasteca of Veracruz. In 2009 he joined the trio Los Cantores de Valles alongside the Hermanos Solano Hernández, in that same year he was invited to be part of the son jarocho group Los Utrera. In 2011 he began teaching son huasteco at the Veracruz cultural center in Mexico City, in that same year he started the Guardianes de la Huasteca trio. This year he brings his new group to Port Townsend, Canto a Mi Tierra.

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