Notice Concerning Possible Washington State Park Closures in July

In the event that the Washington State Legislature cannot adopt its budget before June 30, 2017, an effective shut-down of state services may be triggered for July 1, 2017.  A shut-down would include the closure of all state parks and state-run campgrounds.

Because Fort Worden is now under a new, 50-year lease by the Fort Worden Public Development Authority, the CAMPUS AREA at Fort Worden shall remain open even if the state faces a shut-down.  The Fiddle Tunes Festival and Workshop will continue unchanged. The campus area comprises 90-acres at Fort Worden where the primary buildings are situated.  This includes the front gate to the Park, the dormitories, performance venues, meeting rooms and food service.

It is important to note that Fiddle Tunes will operate, as planned, regardless of any state shut-down.

All state campgrounds, however, will be closed and reservations will not be honored if the state shuts its parks.  (The campgrounds remain under state control; they are not within the campus area of Fort Worden.)

Check-in for Fiddle Tunes will occur at the Centrum office building, 223 at Fort Worden State Park.

  • For updates on the state’s progress in adopting their budget, click here.
  • For access to camping reservations at the nearby Jefferson County Fairgrounds, click here.
  • For official information from State Parks, click here.
  • For information on Fiddle Tunes, click here.

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