Peter Rowan Joins Festival of American Fiddle Tunes Faculty

Centrum is very excited to announce the addition of guitarist and singer Peter Rowan to our 2014 Festival of American Fiddle Tunes faculty.  This means we’ll have two Bill Monroe alumni on hand; the other is fiddler Blaine Sprouse.

Peter joined Monroe’s band in 1964 as a guitarist and singer, and during his tenure as a Bluegrass Boy, the two co-wrote one of the spookiest bluegrass songs of all, “Walls of Time.”  Later Peter went on to play in a variety of rock and bluegrass bands, often working with other ex-Bluegrass Boys including Richard Greene (Seatrain) and Vassar Clements (Old and In the Way.)  In recent years, he has been performing and recording with the Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band, and lately Blaine Sprouse (yet another ex-Bluegrass Boy) has been playing fiddle with them.

With the addition of Patrick Sauber, a hotshot on bluegrass mandolin, banjo and vocals, Fiddle Tunes will have its strongest bluegrass presence ever!



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