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Explorations, Centrum’s 2019 week of arts immersion for Washington state middle school students takes place March 3-8.

Explorations affirms the gifts that every student offers. Through this immersive, week-long program, students are introduced to the world of arts and ideas, creative risk-taking, and personal development. It’s a total learning environment that challenges the mind and body in equal measure.

Each day features four workshop sessions where students pursue their main interest then explore different genres in their other three classes. During breaks, participants connect with nature and explore the trails, beaches and historic monuments at Fort Worden State Park. Each evening, our faculty artists showcase their skills, followed by snacks and group activities in the dorm. The week concludes with a student showcase for friends and family to celebrate and witness the results of the week.

Our 2019 workshop sessions include:

Breakdance!  with Robert Eyerman (Dance)
Using music as an inspiration, learn the foundation of breakdancing, or “breaking.” The four fundamental components, toprock, footwork, freezes, and power moves will be demonstrated and taught. With Robert teaching some new-found knowledge and skills, students learn to create dance routines. Everyone will have the opportunity to battle against and perform with one another by exploring the arts of cyphering, battling, and performing. Perfect for those with little-to-no dance experience who are dedicated, enthusiastic, and open-hearted about learning.

Expressive Drawing with Darwin Nordin (Visual Arts)
This class will focus on abstract and non-representational drawing and mark making. It is designed as a journey and exploration into the elements of art and creative self-expression that is accessible to all, exploring doodling and automatic drawing as a way to free artists from overthinking and logical mind. Students will have access to a wide variety of drawing materials and be encouraged to explore different approaches to drawing.

Music & Roots with Ben Hunter and Joe Seamons (Music)
Learn to hear and play instruments and songs that laid the foundation for American music as we know it! This class will give you experience playing music with others on an instrument of your choice–guitar, banjo, fiddle and mandolin, singing and percussion are all options for students, beginners are welcome.

Sculpting in Plaster with George Rodriguez (Visual Arts)
In this class we will work on creating wire armatures as the starting structure for our sculptures. We will then work through additive and reductive plaster application to help our sculptures take shape. Carve, sand, add, and mold your way to a 3 dimensional form. We will use color to finish our creations.

Spoken Word with Daemond Arrindell (Poetry)
“Who are you?” is sometimes a difficult question to answer. Society often wrongly assigns labels that show only one small part of the complex, amazing human creatures we are. In this class with Daemond, you will address the ways that others see you and you will decide for yourselves who you really are and how you want to be seen. Spoken Word is a style of poetry that is meant to be performed. You will be bringing to life dynamic voices and stories through writing prompts, imagery, metaphor, and individual as well as group poems.

Theater Creation with Marisol Rosa-Shapiro (Theater)
Explore a variety of theatrical means for telling stories. Our emphasis will be on playful exploration that employs the poetic body, voice, and imagination to create brand new, collaborative works of theater. Participants will wear a variety of creative hats, including actor, director, and writer. All levels of experience welcome and encouraged!

Percussion: The Roots of Steel Pan with Angie Tabor (Music)
This course takes students through a fun, high-energy, hands-on musical journey tracing the roots of the steel pans in Trinidad & Tobago. Students will explore the traditional music created by a determined youth culture, who, in spite of many obstacles, continued to find ways to make their music.

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