Residency Note: The Seattle Painting Group

Alexis Kane is part of a group of painters who have come to Centrum for several years, sharing studio space and housing. Pictured are a series of her images created while in residence, beginning with her “Self Portrait in my Centrum studio space” (13″ X 31″).

The Centrum residency program houses individual artists of all different genres. We also host group residencies where the dynamic of working together or side by side provides a different kind of inspiration. Recently a group of Seattle artists took over building 205…

The Painting Group began 22 years ago working together weekly. Over the years we have each strengthened and developed our own studio practice. We still meet once a month for critique and mutual support, really good food and really good wine. For the last seven years, Centrum has generously provided shared studio space and lodging where we can work near each other again and still have really good food and really good wine. This concentrated work time together deepens our creative process individually and as colleagues. This time gives a chance for something new, something surprising to happen. We love Centrum. Centrum is 24/7 artist’s heaven. -Pamm Hanson

Kane also painted a small painting of each of her Co-Painting Group member’s studio space. The small paintings are 7″ x 9 1/4″. Kane uses Sumi colored ink and carbon ink pen on paper.

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