Sheryl Cormier – The Queen of Cajun Music

2014 is going to be a great year of Cajun music at The Festival of American Fiddle Tunes. We’re particularly thrilled to welcome Sheryl Cormier to this year’s gathering.

Sheryl Cormier is known as the queen of Cajun music and Cajun accordion – she was likely the first Cajun female musician to record playing the accordion.

The oldest of four children, Sheryl grew up surrounded by Cajun music, her father being the leader of the well-known group, The Sunset Playboys. Learning to play the Cajun accordion at age seven, she performed with her father’s group throughout her teens and eventually formed her own band, Cajun Sound, with her husband and son.

The membership of Cajun Sounds has changed over the years, but always at Sheryl’s side is her husband, Russell, who serves as manager and chief vocalist. In 2002, Sheryl was honored with the Living Legend Award by the Acadian Museum’s Cafe in Erath, LA.

Back in 1995, the Los Angeles Times published an interview with Sheryl and fellow accordion player Queen Ida – worth a read!

(Photo by Cajun Zydeco Photos/Flickr)

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