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In 2018 Centrum is partnering with the Rhapsody Project to bring ten young students of color to the Port Townsend Acoustic Blues workshop to deepen their experience with the American blues traditions. Centrum will provide tuition scholarships for the youth and the Rhapsody Project is raising funds for their room and board.

The Rhapsody Project’s goal is to strengthen communities through song and spread the gospel of folk and blues music. Rhapsody integrates performance and teaching through public events and school workshops designed to facilitate cross-generational, cross-cultural interactions through the medium of music so regular folks–especially youth–to understand that America’s folk and blues music is not a relic, but a thriving tradition.

“We had our life changed by the people we met and heard at the Centrum Port Townsend Acoustic Blues workshop. Our mission, ever since we attended the Festival five years ago, has been to extend that same, incredible opportunity to our young students of color in South Seattle. One of our four scholarship students is a brilliant young fiddler who was just awarded Outstanding String Player at the Reno Jazz Festival–after less than 2 years of any formal instruction. This is just one example of the promise shown by our students, please us open their eyes and ears to our American musical heritage!” – Joe Seamons and Ben Hunter

To donate to the Blues Rhapsody Project Fund, select “Blues Rhapsody Project Fund” from the “Please direct this donation to:” drop down menu on the Centrum donation form.

To read more about the Blues Rhapsody Project Fund visit their website.

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