Tap into a Deeper Musical Power with Voice Works Faculty Clinton Fearon

“I write from my heart. My music is good for the soul—always with a message of hope and betterment for tomorrow. It’s good for dancing, good for listening, and I think it’s good for all.”

Clinton Fearon is a composer, songwriter, singer and player of instruments—professional since the age of 19. Growing up in Jamaica as reggae was being born, Fearon played with the legendary Gladiators until he left for Seattle in 1987. There, he founded bands such as The Defenders and the Boogie Brown Band. With chiseled music and poetic lyrics, he seeks to help a better world to come and bring a wider audience to reggae.

Clinton Fearon will be joining the 2019 Voice Works Workshop this summer, June 24–29. Learn more about Fearon and the rest of the 2019 faculty.

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