A Note from Artistic Director Erin Belieu on the 2013 Port Townsend Writers’ Conference

This year’s program at the Port Townsend Writers Conference promises to be an exceptional one, even by the conference’s traditionally exceptional standards.

The faculty this coming year is a mix of well-loved teachers who’ve been with us before and some newcomers about whom we’re very excited. I’d like to urge our participants to really check out these new folks who’ll be joining as I make it my mission to find not only the most accomplished and diverse group of writers we can put together, but I also do a good amount of detective work to assure that our faculty have the passion and dedication as teachers that our conference requires.

We’re also very pleased that fiction writer Jennine Capo Crucet will be joining us again to work with our high school program. Jennine’s background in mentoring kids at academic and economic risk makes her a perfect choice to be working with the young people who’ll be joining us for the conference.

While it will, of course, be difficult to give up the gentle climes of Tallahassee in July (ha!), I can’t wait to come to Port Townsend and get to work with our participants and faculty this summer. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

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